Friday Family Skate

I’ve been desk bound and house bound for most of the past month, desperate for my wheels to hit the streets again. I took the day off and headed to the Silver Comet trail with Jennifer and the kids, who were also looking to skate. What more could you ask for in a family?

The weather looked pretty nice as we rolled out. We didn’t have a specific goal in mind - we were just out to have fun, so the plan was just to go until we felt like turning back. Despite the sunny weather, the trail was quite wet and very slippery from a recent rain (one of the kids said it was like ice skating on wet ice), and there was a lot of debris on the path. It wasn’t the easiest skate, but it was fun!

Somewhere around 5 miles in, we started talking about the park/playground right on the trail, which I mistakenly thought was about a mile ahead. So we kept going…and going. Still no park, the sky was getting dark, and we could hear thunder, but we were rolling and having a good time.

Close to 9 miles in, the rain started coming down steadily, and shortly thereafter we decided to turn back. It was a long, soggy skate back to the start but everyone’s spirits were really good. We had to be really careful not to wipe out. (I did have a minor spill coming out of a tunnel - my front wheel caught on something mid-stroke and I couldn’t catch myself on the other leg, given the wet surface.)

This was unintentionally the longest skate we’ve done as a whole family, which made me super proud. It was also the longest skate I’ve done in the Sebas, and wow they are comfortable - what an incredible change from the Rollerblade Maxxums.

Our gear was beyond drenched, so when we got home I cleaned everyone’s wheels, bearings, and frames, and dried out the boots by stuffing crumpled up newspaper into them (the kids helped with this part!). 30 wheels among us!

Skates: Seba High Light v2, 90mm Hydrogen wheels
Theme song: Rainbounce, Reptar