Sunday Funday

Hot, fun afternoon skating cones in Piedmont park with many of the usual suspects, and some new (even to me) faces.

Wore my Seba HighLights but swapped out my typical 90mm Hydrogren wheels for 80mm street invaders on a smaller frame. Much easier to do crossovers!

In addition to some slalom and noodling around, Houston lead a skate around the park and over to Legacy Fountain (fountain it wasn’t on, unfortunately - it was broiling hot). Fun little skate - there was a Humane Society dog expo going on, so crowds were heavy. This was my first real skate (meaning, with others, on obstacle-filled hills) without a heel brake , and I’m happy to say I did just fine. Planning on wearing the Sebas to the Wednesday Night Skate this week, now that I have a bit more confidence.