Circles, Literal and Figurative

This was the last week of school for the kids, so between their activities and a heavy workload, I wasn’t able to go skating at all during the week. That was disappointing - I find that if I don’t put on skates every few days, I begin backsliding and my progress is much slower.

For a variety of domestic reasons, I was only able to get out briefly yeseterday to skate, so I hit my usual traing spot: the large parking lot of a nearby school. It has a mix of things that make it a useful training ground: flat spots for cones, lots of curbs to hop and roll, slight declines that are good for working on backwards skating, some rough texture in places, and one moderate hill that’s perfect for practicing. The downsides are almost no shade – it was 91 degrees at almost 6pm when I started – and it’s deadly boring if you don’t have some good music, because it’s extremely repetitive.

I lasted less than an hour in the oppressive heat, but it felt so good to have skates on again.