Monday Night Skate: Memorial Day Edition

My sixth night skate with the APRR crew, and the first in my Sebas! My feet feel much better than any previous skate.

Very small crew tonight: just 3 skaters in the casual crew (including me), and 3 skaters in the intermediate crew. Given the hot, humid weather, the casual crew decided to aim for a chill skate. Ironically, we ended up skating some sizable hills (with the crappy pavement Atlanta is notorious for).

Here’s the route:

By the end of the skate I was sweating more than Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke. But, I also felt pretty great - especially for doing my first city skate without a heel brake.

Everyone (to a person!) went to Fellini’s for the traditional re-fuel and drink.

Skates: Seba High Light v2, 80mm Street Invader wheels

Theme song: The Hype, 21 pilots