Wednesday Night Skate: 2019-05-08

5th Wednesday night skate. Beautiful night, oddly small crowd! The new, mellow skate route was lead by Houston Crabtree (on quads! so impressive!); fellow skaters were Dror, Tania, Mark, and Charlotte (also on quads! amazing!). (The intermediate group was a good bit larger than the casual group.) Very chill group and pace - we had a good time.

Embarrassed to admit I’m still skating my Rollerblades on the WNS instead of my Sebas, despite the discomfort of the boot. I thought I was ready to lose the heel brake with the Sebas, but I’m still skittish about it on the night skates - I panic when coming to a tight stop in a group. At some point I’m going to have to just rip the band-aid off…I’d feel a lot better if I could do a hockey stop/powerslide/Bill Stoppard powerstop. My T stops are okay but not rapid enough for my…ahem inertia.